How can I place an order for my retail store?

To place an order with Lulu-B Clothing, the best way would be to contact our corporate office at 305-887-7971 or our toll free number 1-800-322-5667 and a customer service agent will help you with your order.

What is Lulu-B Clothing's size base?

Lulu-B Clothing Missy Size Chart

When should I place my orders with my sales season?

Initial seasonal orders for Lulu-B Clothing should be placed 60-90 days prior to when you would like to receive it. This time frame allows your order to be processed with the styles and colors that you choose. We will do our best to get your goods out before hand in the event that may arise, but we find that in conjunction with the shows we attend and the accessibility of our sales managers that this time frame works for you, our customer.